COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis
Pro-Bono Coaching Sessions 

Every week during this Pandemic Crisis, each of us here at ActionCOACH Team Sage are offering a Pro-Bono Coaching Session to 5 local community business owners to help them plan to not only survive this Economic Crisis, but to come out the other side THRIVING!

What You’ll Get During Your Covid-19 Pro-Bono Coaching Session

This coaching session is designed specifically for you and your situation, so you will get the most relevant information, strategies and ideas that we can help you to discover. You will start with a short diagnostic call to determine your needs and your current situation. Then we will research specific ideas for you that we will help guide you through in your coaching session.

What Happens First

To start the process, you will book your Diagnostic Call with our of our expert coaches. Come to that call prepared to explain your current situation and needs.

What Happens Next

Once your Diagnostic Call is complete, your coach will schedule your Coaching Session and begin researching your unique situation and available resources.

The End Result

You will leave your coaching session with relevant, actionable ideas and strategies to insure that your business will ∫Survive and Thrive in this crisis!

About Jody Johnson

A Miami native, Jody Johnson is absolutely committed to having her home town thrive! She has been committed to transforming the economic landscape in South Florida and Miami for over 13 years, and this crisis is not going to stop her! 

About Doug Barra

Having made Miami his home, Doug Barra knows how challenging it can be to run a successful business, even in normal times.  With Jody, his partner in both business and life, he has been helping businesses thrive for over 13 years, and he's not about to let this virus destroy the economy of his beloved home.

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Why They Recommend Having a Pro-Bono Coaching Session

Here is what a few of our cherished family members (a.k.a. clients) want you to know about us and these sessions that we are offering...

Charlotte Dunagan

Dunagan Diverio Design Group

I would recommend for anyone to take advantage of the pro bono coaching sessions Jody and Doug are providing to business owners. During this time of confusion and uncertainty having someone who’s experienced in working with business owner clients help them think through the tough decisions they need to make is invaluable. They care and they’re willing to have the tough conversations to help you navigate to the other side of this challenging time. Yes, I would recommend investing time with them to any business owner. 

Charlie Calderin

Graphic Design

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. During those times the best option is to make a plan, which while under stress can be overwhelming. That overwhelm can be reduced by working with someone who has the experience in planning and can give you objective advice to get a plan that will help you get through difficult times. The person who has helped me when in these situations is Doug Barra of ActionCOACH Team Sage. I have been working with Doug for years and credit him with helping me survive the 2008 recession as well as other things that have gotten in my way. I highly recommend you take them up on their offer.

angel D. Suarez

Rey's Dry Cleaners

In this time of anxiety and uncertainty, it’s so easy to get caught up in fear.  In doing so, this effectively kills creativity, creates isolation and despair along with an overwhelming feeling of aloneness.  I have found it so important in scheduling a “pro-bono coaching session” with ActionCOACH during this time more importantly because it allows a space for you be creative, gain some perspective and find business community.  They help you to take a second look, consider your options, weigh risks and most importantly give yourself permission to acclimate to this new business climate, strategize a plan and execute as best you can.  In effect, a great business resource in your arsenal in a time of great scarcity.

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