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Charlotte D.

"My business and personal life has been completely transformed! As an interior designer, I had lots of creativity but very little business structure. In my first year I set up systems, understood my financials for the first time, increased my staff and increased my profits by 250%!"

What You Get... 

Building a successful business is the goal of every entrepreneur. So why are some able to do it, seemingly with grace and ease, and others struggle to make it work? In this site you will gain access to:

  • A proven blueprint that has successfully built 100's of thousands of businesses around the world.
  • Resources, templates and guides for putting in all the structures for building a successful business
  • A community of peers to brainstorm with, ask questions of and get support from
  • Live coaching and strategic planning sessions to help insure that you are successful

"Our business has been open for 15 years. We wanted to take our business from a small business to an Elite Company. One of our priorities was working the numbers, knowing what to look for in our job costing, profit and loss, and budgeting maximizing profit. I am proud to say we have accomplished this. I not only value the gain in the company, but personal development too."

Jose H.

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By now, you have seen that the training and resources that we offer are world class, effective, and guaranteed. Because you chose to join us today, I am offering you a $1,000.00 discount off of my 13 Week course, "Built For Success" that includes weekly training lessons on building the foundation of your program!

This course normally has an investment of $1,997.00, but if you choose to include it in your investment today, you can include it for the incredibly low investment of 997 dollars!

To learn more, watch the video below...

Joe W.

"As CEO of my company there is no one that I answer to. For me, this actually works out well because now I have someone to hold me to account and follow-up on me to ensure I accomplish the tasks that I said that I would do."

"I want to thank you for the difference that's has been made in both my business and personal life. We have come from being an awkward, fly by the seat of your pants organization to a structured, mature enterprise, and I have more time on my hands. As you know, making money was not a problem for us. We struggled with the predictability of our income and cash flow and were constantly working late and reacting to what each day brought us. I am constantly surprised by the vast resources you have made available to us as tools to make the most overwhelming jobs do-able. For the first time in the life of the company we have accurate financial reports, structure for recurring invoicing, reliable forecasting tools, streamlined (and measurable) structures to manage client needs and complaints, structured and measurable marketing strategies and more. All this in addition to the positional contracts, employee handbook, and policy and procedure books we have written. We are truly on a path that is a plan and not just a dream. What it all boils down to is that we have a significant increase in our productivity, profitability, peace of mind and leisure time. Who knew that was possible?"

Colleen D.

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